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The following legal notice regulates access and use of content in the website (hereinafter “Website”) owned and managed by Segarra Abogados y Economistas, S.L.P. Its use will be subject to the following terms and conditions.

Please read the terms and conditions carefully before visiting our Website or using any of our services. By using and reading our Website, you agree to accept the terms and conditions described below. If you disagree with any part of these terms and conditions, please do not use the Website.
According to the requirements established in the Spanish E-commerce and Information Services Law 34/2002, of July the 11th, we hereby inform about the following legal aspects:

Holder of the Website: Segarra Abogados y Economistas, S.L.P.
Registered Office: Calle San Vicente 16-1-1, 46002, Valencia, Spain.
Registry Office Data: Registered at the Valencia Commercial Registry in Volume [•], Sheet [•], Section [•], Page [•].
Telephone no.: +34963215050.
Employer identification number: B98217409.

Prior conditions

The object of this document is to regulate the rules of use and to safeguard the protection of the users of the Website owned by Segarra Abogados y Economistas, S.L.P. These general conditions rule the access and use of the Website that its owner puts at the users disposal freely.

Thus, the use of this site and/or its services or any request of information presupposes users’ complete and unconditional agreement with and the validity of each and every one of the General Terms and Conditions stipulated here. Consequently, users must be aware of the importance of reading these rules each time they visit

Website terms of use

Users of this Website accept their responsibility in making a correct and adequate use of the services and contents provided herein (hereinafter, the “Contents”) pursuant to the present Terms and Conditions of Use and current domestic legislation.

Therefore, users are obliged to use the contents diligently, correctly and legitimately and, in particular, agree to abstain from using such contents in contravention of this Legal Notice. In particular, users are obligated to abstain from erasing, eluding or manipulating the copyright and other identifying information of the owner’s rights incorporated in the contents, as well as the technical protection devices, or any information mechanisms that the Contents may contain.

The use of the Website for purposes that damage the property or interests of Segarra Abogados y Economistas, S.L.P., or of third parties, or otherwise overload, damage or disable networks, servers and other hardware or software belonging to Segarra Abogados y Economistas, S.L.P. or to third parties, is expressly prohibited.

The user of the Website undertakes not to introduce, among others, programmes, viruses, macros, applets, ActiveX controls or any other logic-based device or character sequence that may cause or be likely to cause any alteration to the computer systems belonging to Segarra Abogados y Economistas, S.L.P. or to any third party.

The user must refrain from obtaining any information, messages, graphics, drawings, audio and/or video files, photographs, recordings, software and, in general, any kind of material accessible through the Website or the services offered therein.

The user pledges to make a proper use of both the contents and services (such as comments, opinion forums and/or blogs) offered by Segarra Abogados y Economistas, S.L.P. on the Website by not using them (a) for any illegal activity contrary to good faith and the legal system; or (b) for spreading any contents or propaganda of racist, xenophobic or illegal pornographic nature, supporting terrorism or violating the human rights.

Access to the Website and passwords

Certain Website services accessible to Internet users or exclusive to Segarra Abogados y Economistas, S.L.P. clients may be subject to particular conditions, regulations or instructions that, if appropriate, may supersede, supplement and/or amend this Legal Notice and must be accepted by users before the provision of the relevant service begins.

The access, browsing and use of the Website does not require the user’s registration. Consequently, no user’s personal data shall be gathered except for those specified in the cookies policy or provided by the user through any contact form or similar on the Website, in which case the aforementioned data shall be treated and stored according to the conditions set forth in the cookies or privacy policy, as the case may be.


Minors are not allowed to contract any product or service through the Website without the prior and express permission of their parents, guardians or legal representatives, whom will be held responsible for whatever actions carried out by the minors under their charge.

Modification of the Legal Notice conditions

The Website service is provided for a duration that is limited to the moment when users are connected to the Website or to any of the services provided through the Website. Users must therefore read this Legal Notice carefully each time users intend to use the Website, since the Website and the conditions for its use as set forth in this Legal Notice may change.

Guarantee and liability limitations

Segarra Abogados y Economistas, S.L.P. undertakes to make every effort to prevent mistakes in the contents which may appear on the Website. In any event, Segarra Abogados y Economistas, S.L.P. shall be exempt from the liability arising from non-attributable mistakes affecting the contents on the Website.

Segarra Abogados y Economistas, S.L.P. does not guarantee that both the Website and the server are virus-free, and shall not be held responsible for any damages resulting from interferences, omissions, interruptions, computer viruses, telephone line breakdowns or disconnections in the operational functioning of this electronic system due to any reason beyond its control. Segarra Abogados y Economistas, S.L.P. is neither responsible for any delays or blockages in the use of this electronic system due to telephone lines deficiencies or overloadings on the Internet system or in any other electronic system, nor for any damages caused by third parties through illegal interferences beyond the control of Segarra Abogados y Economistas, S.L.P.

Intellectual and industrial property

Any commercial names, trademarks or distinctive symbols of any type on the Website belong to their respective owners and are protected by the law.

All industrial and intellectual property rights of the website and its contents (texts, images, sounds, audio, video, designs, creativity, software) belong to Segarra Abogados y Economistas, S.L.P. either as the author of the collective work or its assignee or, as the case may be, to the corresponding title holder of the same.

It is expressly prohibited the reproduction, distribution and public communication, including any means of making available, of all or part of the contents on the Website, with commercial purposes and by using any medium or technical support without the express consent of Segarra Abogados y Economistas, S.L. The user shall respect both the industrial and intellectual property rights owned by Segarra Abogados y Economistas, S.L.P. or third parties.

In accordance with article 32.1 of the Intellectual Property Law, Segarra Abogados y Economistas, S.L.P. expressly objects to the use of whatever contents on the Website for making any review either on other web-based technologies or in paper form with commercial purposes and without the prior consent of Segarra Abogados y Economistas, S.L.P.

The user may display, print, copy and save all the Website elements in the local disk of his/her computer or in any other physical support provided it exclusively is for a personal and private kind of use, being therefore expressly prohibited any use with commercial purposes, distribution, modification, alteration or decompilation of these elements.

Segarra Abogados y Economistas, S.L.P. provides access to all kinds of information, services, programmes or data on the Internet which may belong to third parties, in which case Segarra Abogados y Economistas, S.L.P. shall not be held responsible for such contents or any claims arising from their quality, reliability, accuracy or correctness.

Liability for links

The Website does not display any links or hyperlinks from third parties.

Personal data protection

In accordance with the Spanish legislation on personal data protection, Segarra Abogados y Economistas, S.L.P. shall adopt every technical and organizational measure which may be necessary to guarantee the personal data protection and to avoid its alteration, loss, processing and/or unauthorized access having regard to the current state of technical progress, the nature of the stored data and the risks to which these data are exposed to.

The user shall provide Segarra Abogados y Economistas, S.L.P. with his/her personal data through any of the forms available on the Website for that purpose. The aforementioned forms include a legal text on personal data protection in compliance with the provisions set forth in the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation) and its implementation regulation.

Please read carefully the legal texts before providing us with any personal data.

Liability waiver

Segarra Abogados y Economistas, S.L.P. shall not be liable for any losses or damages suffered by the user or visitor and resulting from an occasional system breakdown. Consequently, the firm shall neither be held responsible for any trouble arising from the lack of interactivity between the users or visitors under such circumstances.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

The relationship between the Client and Segarra Abogados y Economistas, S.L.P. is expressly subject to Spanish law.

In order to hear any such disputes or claims as may arise over the interpretation or performance of this Legal Notice between the Client and Segarra Abogados y Economistas, S.L.P., the two parties, with an express waiver of any other jurisdiction to which they may be entitled and notwithstanding the mandatory provisions on jurisdiction, voluntarily submit to the courts of the city in which the Segarra Abogados y Economistas, S.L.P. office with which they have entered into the Services is located.