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Employment management

The relationship between companies and their employees requires companies to comply with certain legal obligations, both towards the employee himself and towards the Administration in the areas of Social Security and Labour. Said obligations are increasing, and due to the complexity and proliferation of labour and Social Security standards, their correct compliance requires a broad technical knowledge and constant updating.

We are specialists in the labour management of the company. The great experience of the people who make up our Labour Department is joined by the qualifications they hold (Labour Relations Expert, Occupational Risk Prevention Officer and Bachelor’s Degree in Law among others) and by the use of the most modern technologies and cutting-edge programmes of labour management, which are available for our clients for the full compliance with their obligations.

In addition to enabling companies to comply with their labour and Social Security obligations, we will also advise you on the most suitable type of employment contract, bonuses and subsidies from which you can benefit in order to reduce Security Social costs, as well as from Social Security benefits.

Continuous technological innovation enables us to offer our clients a comprehensive labour management service which encompasses everything from the registration of the company in Social Security, to the issuance and even payment of payrolls to the workers, without the need to move from one place to another since the vast majority of formalities and procedures can be done electronically. Consequently, the distance from the workplace or the company to the different bodies does not matter.


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