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Family and succession law

Conflicts occurring within the family are particularly significant from the legal point of view and, above all, from the human one. Consequently, said conflicts must be addressed with special care and sensitivity in order to find the solution that causes the least disruption to personal and family relations of those involved.

We have lawyers specializing in the subject with a wide professional background in the rational, agile and prompt resolution of conflicts arising from the family relations sphere: matrimonial proceedings, civil effects of separation and divorce judgements (family dwelling, custody and guardianship of minors, visitation rights, pensions), dissolution of the jointly-owned property regime, civil partnerships, parentage, protection of minors, capacity and protection of the person, as well as succession issues: granting wills and issues arising from testate and intestate succession, the legitimizing system or the partition of the estate.

If the circumstances of the case so permit and the disputing parties are in agreement, our lawyers specializing in mediation and conflict management will seek alternatives that resolve and address the needs of the parties involved in order to adopt a satisfactory, durable and stable agreement with which everyone wins and in which no winning or losing parties exist. This will allow overcoming the conflict in a quick manner and with the least prejudice to family relations.


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