We accompany you at every single stage, as we have done for the last 70 years. We have adapted to the changes and grown with our clients. Times, working methods and the technology we use have changed. Our firm has grown and we are better prepared. We have evolved. We are bigger and we reach places we were unable to reach before, being the small consultancy firm of our origins. But there is something that has not changed: our great enthusiasm for the work we do and the desire to make your objectives and goals as our own.

For us, no client is small and all matters entrusted to us are important. Our clients are companies, large and small, and individuals looking for quality service with reasonable prices and all of them, without exception, are not just a simple reference in a database or file number. For us, our clients have a face and a name; we know them, many of whom have been working with us for generations, and we share their worries and concerns.

Clients who turn to us, choose to stay with us because of the quality of our services, our flexibility to match their needs, our reasonable fees and our personal and accessible treatment, because, despite having grown, we are still faithful to our origins: every service we provide is conducted with due care and dedication, regardless of its amount, and we continue providing a closer personal attention to our clients.

We are a large firm with small-firm soul; experienced, youthful and modern. We bring the best of large firms together with the virtues and advantages of the small firm. Our firm is formed by a broad team of law and economics professionals, which enables us to offer a multidisciplinary service with a global approach to the issues we deal with, maintaining quality and customer service. In addition, we combine the experience accumulated during our long history with the youth of a large part of our staff, which provides us with a current and modern vision of our clients’ needs. The training of our professionals and the investment in innovation and new technologies are a constant in our firm allowing us to be more efficient and, thus, offer competitive fees for all types of clients. Our best ‘calling card’ is our clients, our eagerness and our work. All of them have enabled us to come this far and to continue growing by your side.

Our values

Specialized in our clients

The main objective of our work is to comprehensively meet all our clients’ needs. The personalized attention allows us to know them and identify their needs, anticipate their problems and offer them the best possible legal and economic assistance.

Team spirit

Given the multidisciplinary nature of our firm, we work as a team by sharing our professional background with our colleagues, complementing each other and providing a complete service to the client.

Forward looking

We aim to be the best. Ongoing training is a priority for us and together with our extensive experience in advising national and international clients, guarantee excellence in the provision of our services.

We adapt to your needs

No client is small or big for us. We adapt our working methodology to the circumstances of each client.

We learn and innovate with you

We are committed to innovation and the use of new technologies, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of our services. This enables us to offer reasonable fees.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We are a company with a soul, a firm that cares for its team, where persons come first. In our firm there is a balance between personal and work life and equality policies are promoted. The workers form a team, necessary for the perfect collaboration between colleagues. Segarra is committed to Corporate Social Responsibility activities; therefore, we have a pro bono programme consisting in the provision of professional services to destitute persons and non-profit entities.

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